Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve, Pokagon, MIDowagiac Woods Nature Preserve is considered the “jewel in the crown” of Michigan Nature Association’s sanctuaries and has been described as an outdoor museum crammed full of living things. Visitors to the sanctuary can walk along easy, well-marked trails and are treated to an experience like no other – an opportunity to step back in time and see the forest as the early settlers did.

Dowagiac Woods is a spectacular natural area where an amazing lushness reigns. Because the majority of the property has never been plowed or clear-cut, there is an incredible species diversity. Wildflowers, trees, birds, and other animals flourish here, and the great size of the woods is a factor vital to their survival.

Plants flourish at Dowagiac Woods in countless numbers, with more than 50 species of wildflowers that bloom in the spring. Here lives a plant community that shows what a forest floor free from human development looks like.

 Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve, Pokagon, MIDowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary is open to non-destructive uses such as hiking, photography, bird-watching or educational activities. The use of all motorized vehicles or mountain bikes is prohibited. No hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, campfires, or pets are permitted. Collecting plants or seeds is forbidden. Leave No Trace must be practiced. Please respect this nature sanctuary and enjoy your visit.

Location: Dowagiac Woods, Pokagon, MI – Directions
Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve MNA brochure
Trail distance: 2.5 miles