Birch Lake, Cass County, Michigan

 Birch Lake Sears Memorial Park

Sears Memorial Park at Birch Lake is owned and maintained by the Cass County Parks and Recreation Department. It has a paved parking lot and a concrete boat launch. There are no toilets at the access site. The site is open from sunrise until sunset or 10 pm (whichever is earlier). Bluegills, black crappies, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass also are present.

Boat launch and parking (3 spaces) at Birch Lake Sears Memorial Park (also known as Henry Sears Memorial Park) is off Birch Road. The site is about 0.3 miles north of the Sears Street/Birch Road intersection. The site is immediately east of the fork where Birch Road goes east and Lakeshore Drive goes west.

Fishing Birch Lake

Birch Lake is a designated Type B trout lake. Please refer to the Inland Lake Trout and Salmon Regulations in the current Michigan Fishing Guide. There is no natural reproduction in this lake so rainbow trout population is sustained solely by annual stocking.

Location: Birch Lake Sears Memorial Park and Boat Launch, Birch Lake Shore Dr., Birch Lake, Vandalia, MI 49095 – Directions