Cassopolis Public Schools

Cassopolis Public Schools, Cass County, MIThe staff of Cassopolis Ross Beatty Junior/Senior High School believes that the school exists to produce responsible citizens who can successfully function in an ever-changing society. We are committed to upholding positive academic and behavior standards within a safe learning environment, which will encourage our students to develop self-respect and to reach for their highest potential. Cassopolis is served by the following schools:

  • Ross Beatty Junior/Senior High School
  • Sam Adams Elementary School

Admin Location: 725 Center Street, Cassopolis, MI 49031 – Directions Phone: (269) 445-0500 Website: Cassopolis Public Schools

Dowagiac Union School District

The Board of Education, employees, community, parents, and students believe that all individuals can learn regardless of family background, socio-economic status, race, or gender. We believe that our school’s purpose is to educate all individuals to their maximum potential while fostering positive behavior and attitudes. We accept the responsibility to provide educational opportunities so students may lead productive, meaningful lives. The Dowagiac Union School District reflects the diverse community it serves, as pride and self-reliance have shaped its rich heritage and continues to develop its future. The philosophy of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is the guiding principle in its management. Professional development of staff and curriculum are the cornerstones of our educational program. Dowagiac is served by the following schools: Dowagiac Public Schools, Cass County, MI

  • Justus Gage Elementary
  • Kincheloe Elementary
  • Patrick Hamilton Elementary
  • Sister Lakes Elementary
  • Dowagiac Middle School
  • Dowagiac Union High School

Admin Location: 243 S. Front Street, Dowagiac, MI 49047 – Directions Phone: (269) 782-4471 Website: Dowagiac Union Schools

Edwardsburg Public Schools

Edwardsburg Public Schools, in partnership with family and the entire community, will prepare students for success in the 21st century by providing outstanding and diverse education opportunities in a safe and caring environment where standards of excellence will not be compromised. K-12 Education needs are met by Edwardsburg Public Schools. The district is composed of 5 school buildings, a Performing Arts Center, and numerous athletic fields. In addition to athletics, Edwardsburg also boasts a flight IV Marching Band. Edwardsburg Public School Mission Edwardsburg Public Schools will maximize all students’ potential to be successful in life.

  • Edwardsburg High School
  • Edwardsburg Middle School
  • Intermediate School
  • Eagle Lake School
  • Primary School

Admin Location:  69410 Section Street, Edwardsburg, MI 49112 – Directions Admin Phone: (269) 663-3055 Website: Edwardsburg Public Schools

Lewis Cass Intermediate School District

The Lewis Cass Intermediate School District functions as a regional service center to provide special education, instructional services, and career technical education coordination for local school districts. Lewis Cass ISD currently employs more than 175 persons. Its geographic coverage encompasses approximately 487 square miles and includes most of Cass County and small portions of Berrien, St. Joseph and Van Buren counties in lower southwest Michigan. Four local school districts: Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, and Marcellus, as well as the county’s private and parochial schools depend on the Lewis Cass ISD for the provision and coordination of general and specialized services. Location: 61682 Dailey Rd, Cassopolis, MI 49031 – Directions Phone: (269) 445-3891 Website: Lewis Cass Intermediate School District

Marcellus Community Schools

Marcellus Community Schools will provide a challenging curriculum, a safe learning environment and a competent, dedicated staff necessary for our students to become life-long learners and productive community members. Marcellus is served by the following schools:

  • Marcellus Middle/High Schools
  • Marcellus Elementary School

Admin Location: 305 W. Arbor Street, Marcellus, Michigan 49067 – Directions Phone: (269) 646-7655 Website: Marcellus Community Schools

Volinia Outcomes School Maple Syrup Project – Volinia

Volinia Outcomes School Project, Marcellus Schools, Cass County, MIThis is a Marcellus Community School project that operates in collaboration with Michigan State University. It is a student-operated business that raises money for school projects. Over 1,200 Maple trees planted in 1946 are available to tap for sap, but normally only 700 are used each year. Products are sold on site Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm during the school year. Location: 54080 Gards Prairie Road, Decatur, MI 49045 – Directions Phone: (269) 782-9716 Hours: Monday – Friday 9 am to 3 pm, during the school year Website: Volinia Outcomes School Special Events: The Volinia Maple Fest is held in late March with an all you can eat pancake breakfast and our homegrown syrup for sale.

Southwestern Michigan Community College

SMC offers four-year degrees through Ferris State University and Bethel College. So, not only can you start here, you can stay here for four years. Your search for a community college in Michigan should end with a trip to Southwestern Michigan College. The high-quality transfer of courses and curricula allow students who wish to pursue their first two years of a four-year degree at SMC to transfer to a four-year college or university. Plus, SMC is committed to offering the highest quality academic experience at less than half the cost of most four-year colleges and universities. SMC also offers unparalleled occupational skills training in numerous technical, business, and health-care fields geared toward preparing students for high-wage, high skill, high-demand occupations. Students can live on campus in our new fully furnished residence halls that are located on our 240-acre Dowagiac campus, participate in any number of student activities, and learn in a supportive environment that will challenge and encourage you to succeed. Dowagiac Campus: 58900 Cherry Grove Road, Dowagiac, Michigan 49047 – Directions Dowagiac Phone: (800) 456-8675, ext. 1499 Niles Campus: 33890 U. S. Highway 12, Niles, MI 49120 – Directions Niles Phone: (800) 456-8675, ext. 4811 Website: Southwestern Michigan Community College