Stevens Lakeside Memorial Park

Eva Stevens Lakeside Memorial Park is a small two-acre swimming park on the north side of Little Fish Lake. It is found by driving south off Stevens Forest Lake Road and turning down to the north side of Little Fish Lake approximately 0.2 miles west of Lawrence Road.

Location: Stevens Memorial Park, Marcellus, MI 49067 – Directions (Google Map directions are not correct. Stevens Lakeside Memorial Park is actually located on Stevens Forest Lake Street, one half mile west of Lawrence Road. Map will take you to the general area.)

    For Fun & Recreation

    • Picnic area
    • 2-acre swimming area
    • Open game field

    For Your Comfort

    • Small picnic shelter
    • Rustic bathrooms
    • Fresh well water

    Essential Information

    • Park hours: Sunrise – Sunset
    • Park open: May – September
    • Limited parking
    Stevens Memorial Park, Little Fish Lake, Cass County MI